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£8.65 (inc. VAT)
The Series 65 12V Relay Base is designed for use in both fire and security systems. For fire systems a jumper on the PCB is fitted to a 'latching' position. For security systems the jumper is moved to another position so that the base is 'non-latching'.
£2.51 (inc. VAT)
The Series 65 Diode Base is designed for use with conventional systems that have manual call points and detector bases on the same circuit. The base is fitted with a schottky diode on the "L1 IN" and "L1 OUT" wiring terminals. This base can only be used with compatible control equipment.
£9.60 (inc. VAT)
The Series 65 Sav-Wire Base is designed to allow Series 65 detectors to be used in 'Sav-Wire' detection and alarm systems.
£17.36 (inc. VAT)
The Series 65 Standard Relay Base provides one set of volt-free changeover (form C) contacts that change state when the detector signals an alarm.